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Service Delivery

We are No.1 in door to door deliveries. From our headquarters in Nairobi, Urban Waters offers its services to a vast customer base through a strong network of partners and distributors who ensure prompt delivery in response to dynamic market requirements. We Supply homes, offices, businesses, hotel chains, supermarkets, hospitals, schools and institutions with a whole range of products.

The key behind our combined customer service and personalised service strategy is to reduce the logistics workload on our customers while enabling us to concentrate more on service orientated business strategies and efficiency making Urban Waters Water accessible virtually at your doorstep. Sold across the country, it’s the choice beverage for top hotels, restaurants, resorts, meeting rooms etc… around our markets and working on expanding in to other markets.

Now recognized as one of the country’s leading brands, Urban Waters is supplied to the majority of supermarkets and leading hotel industries. It’s also sold direct to organizations such as catering companies, independent business institutions, aid agencies, weddings and many other organizations. There is also a large network of independent distributors located throughout the country.

Urban Waters – Naturally Alkaline

The natural alkalinity of water helps balance the acidity of our modern diets and stressful lives, increasing oxygen and nutrients to your cells. Human blood must stay within a very narrow alkaline range (pH 7.35–7.45*) or serious illness and death can occur.

Almost all our body functions, including our brain and our immune system, work best in this slightly alkaline range, and our cells can only absorb oxygen and nutrients in this state. However, almost all the processes of living – tissue repair, metabolism of our food and even stress – produce acid. One of the major keys to long-term health is maintaining the body’s acid–alkaline balance and we can do this through diet and lifestyle choices that help maintain the body’s alkalinity.

With a natural pH of 7.08 Urban Waters Water is classified as a slightly alkaline water, making it a powerful tool in the maintenance of the body’s acid–alkaline balance. **pH measurements range from 0 – 14. A pH of 7 is neutral, anything below is acidic and anything above is alkaline.

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