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About Urban Waters

Urban Waters Purified Drinking Water is bottled under stringent hygiene conditions and is a brand of exceptional purity. Not only does the water undergo a long natural filtration process through deep strata of sand, carbon and gravel, but also through multiple columns of filters of different microns and finally Ultra Violet Light to kill any present microorganisms.

Our strict adherence to international quality standards has been approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards and issued with the Standardization mark. We also subject our water regularly to and Independent laboratory for chemical and bacteriological analysis.

With a perfect PH balance, and its low dissolved solids count makes it one of the softest water in the market. Not surprisingly, this water tastes great – a taste that consumers remember and look for time and again. With added benefit of a balanced composition, Urban Waters offers a clean, crisp and invigorating taste from a brand you can trust.

Urban Waters’s mission is to be the leading Purified drinking water company in the country. Our goal is to continue to provide our customers with world-class products known for their purity and freshness. Its worth noting that we have been subcontracted by some large players in the market due to our exceptional stringent process and excellent quality.

We aim to strengthen our market share by constantly enhancing the excellence of our products through a process of continuous reinvestment and innovative manufacturing and marketing strategies.

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